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NDL Recruitment recognizes that the investment in your staff is imperative to the operation and success of your business. Therefore we only offer candidates deemed to possess the superior skill level, culture fit, and quality of character essential for your organization.

Our values, combined with our mission ‘to be the best, not the biggest’, means that our people have dedication, purpose, and integrity, that drives our work to positively impact all involved.


Permanent and Temporary recruitment is at the very heart of what we do at NDL Recruitment. We work closely with our Clients to make sure we find them the perfect candidate to fill each and every vacancy.


Operating right across the Island of Ireland We are committed to connecting and understanding you and your business. Our recruitment team are highly experienced, resourceful and adept at filling any position presented to us, This is to ensure we not only source the best skilled, qualified and experienced candidates, but to connect you with the person who will be the best fit.  Whether this is an Executive Chef or senior Management position to Receptionist, or even something out of the normal.

NDL Recruitment will always go that extra step to make sure we provide Candidates at the highest caliber. We spend time and money to make sure we are the “go-to” place for top staff. How? We advertise, market and network our services in such a way that we stand out from the competition. 


What’s more, we visit every Client before working on a brief, unless you or a candidate  are based abroad in which case we will set up a skype call or video conference. 

As far as we are concerned permanent recruitment is as much about personality fit as it is about finding someone with the right experience and skill-set. A face-to-face meeting allows us to assess your company culture and be even more targeted in our approach.

NDL Recruitment also operates outside of business hours to provide you a comprehensive and uncomplicated consultation process when needed.



                                                                             SOME OF OUR COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATORS

Clients frequently tell us that our reference audit process is the most thorough they have seen in the industry, and is the best predictor of a candidate's cultural fit.

  • Reference Audit process is key. Our reference audit process, with 360º references going back to the last 3 employers (10 years) is the best predictor of culture fit and success. Good for Selection Management development purposes.

  • Generalist approach provides a broader knowledge base to share with clients. We can cross fertilize the best practices that we see in different industries. Clients often look to bring in the best ideas, approaches and talent from other industries.

  • Entrepreneurial led company. Sense of urgency and commitment to great execution.

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