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 Starting A New Job

Dress For Your Job - Make a good first impression, granted if you’re in a technical

position, t-shirt & jeans might be just fine, but if you are the new CEO someone will be

annoyed if you’re wearing a t-shirt to a corporate company.

Be Prepared– Have you completed all the forms or are there still some to be filled out on

the day you start? If so make sure you have all the relevant accompanying documents or

details with you to complete this.

Smile - show that you are happy and enthusiastic about being there and working with the

people in the company

Be Enthusiastic - Look like you’re having fun (why shouldn’t you be?). Show your desire

to improve whatever you’re working on.

Do Research - Since you’re going to be doing something soon, might as well hit the ground

running. Familiarize yourself with what’s expected of you, the general areas of what needs to

be done and be prepared to start doing them.

Co-workers - Get to know your co-workers. Spend time with them in order to build

relationships to be able to work as a team and have trust.

Learn your Co-Workers Names – Get to know their names as soon as possible. It’s

embarrassing when someone walks by you and says, “Hi John”, and you just stand there

muttering “Hi”. What if you need to discuss something with him/her and they are not facing

you? Tap him/her on the shoulder to get their attention?

Get The Job Done – That’s what you are here for, so show them why they hired you and do

it well.

Don’t get involved in gossip!

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